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Cannabis Seeds

Here at Buddah Seeds we have a variety of different cannabis seeds to choose from. UK jurisdiction dictates that germinating cannabis seeds is illegal, but this doesn’t mean you can’t purchase and incorporate seeds in to your day to day life.

Whether you call them cannabis seeds. skunk seeds or weed seeds, it is undeniable they produce one of the most versatile and efficacious plants on the planet. It has an endless list of uses. Despite having a many health benefits hemp from cannabis seeds can also be used to create fabric for products including furnishings and clothing. It can be also used to create paper, building material, cordage, animal bedding and also used for weed control.

Conversations between governments and scientists are always controversial when it comes to hemp. With such an enormous range of benefits it is difficult to understand why it has not been legalised. Governments are lenient on cannabis seeds due to the overwhelming evidence of their health benefits. Cannabis seeds have undetectable levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This is the psychoactive constituent that governments are worried about.

Weed Seeds

Cannabis seeds have medicinal benefits which you may not have even realised. A huge 44% of cannabis seeds are actually edible oils. These oils are all nutritionally significant amino acids which can affect your health significantly.

Biochemistry shows that life threatening health issues such as cardiovascular disease are caused by the continued over-consumption of saturated fats. These fats turn the originally essential fatty acids in to carcinogenic killers.

In today’s modern world filled with mass production are succumbing to immune deficiency diseases. It is believed that when the immune system is weakened there is a higher chance that cancers will form. Weed seeds can help prevent this. There is a wide breadth of evidence that suggests that oil from weed seeds can support your immune system and prevent these health issues occurring.

The ingestion of weed seeds would provide the necessary amino acids to the correct proportions of the body. This therefore helps the body to produce immune-enhancing gamma globulin antibodies. The body can only resist and recover from illness depending on how quickly it can produce large amounts of antibodies. If globulin protein is in short supply then it is likely there will not be enough antibodies to fend off sickness. Weed seeds can support your globulin protein so you can recover from sickness quicker.

Skunk Seeds

The health benefits of are pretty indisputable, and that’s just for the skunk seeds! You can incorporate skunk seeds in to your cooking with a quite a lot of ease for some truly delicious dishes. Why not try making hemp butter? This is easy to make and similar to peanut butter but with a milder flavour, and with a lot more nutritional value.

You can bake skunk seeds in to breads, cakes and casseroles. Use it as a topping on salad, or make skunk seeds soup. If you really want to use skunk seeds to improve your diet then you can even make hemp milk. This contains 10 amino acids, making it a good vegan source of protein. It is often considered better than soy products as it does not contain complex sugars.

How can I use cannabis seeds?

All of these weed seed products are easy to make at home and can provide you dietary alternatives. If you love cannabis and support and vouch for its health benefits, then there’s no excuse not to also try using weed seeds as part of a healthy lifestyle. Skunk seeds are so much more than just seeds. They are a sustainable natural product perfect for human use.

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